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The FreeAgent service brings all your business finances together in one place, and calculates your monies as you go along. It is marketed at a very reasonable price, with a 30 day free trial, and if the small business owner has little accounting experienc

FreeAgent is an online accounting, business and money management service dealing with invoices, estimates, tax, expenses, VAT, bank account balances, profit and loss statements and much more, designed to make accounting more simple. It is from an award winning UK company aimed at small businesses, and deals with money tracking in a simple way, using electronic data to help a business stay on top of its finances. It saves time and is straightforward to use, and is based on cloud computing, meaning it can be used from anywhere there is an internet connection. Instructions are in everyday clear language (without the jargon), and it will immediately give a dashboard summary to see all in one place the state of the business. It can save a great deal of time every month which you can spend on growing your business, and will give you accurate information and peace of mind, and relieve the stress of ‘doing the accounts’..


Bank Transactions

FreeAgent helps you upload your bank transactions and keep track of your cashflow, using electronic bank statements. You can see at a glance the state of your bank balance, profit and loss statements and cashflow, giving an accurate picture of money in and out of your business.


FreeAgent can help you enter supplier bills and know how much you owe your suppliers, keep track of and claim back expenses, and manage your business’s stock.

Estimates and Proposals

Manage your projects for your customers, and send estimates and quotes to them which can later be invoiced after approval. Track and bill the time you spend working for a client, generating timesheet reports.


Input your regular invoice dates to your calendar for recurring billing options, and create and issue invoices to your customers with ease – charts of invoice payments show clearly what has been paid and what payments are overdue.

VAT and Tax

Reminders from your calendar of tax due dates, help with preparing for tax returns and calculations, FreeAgent will show what you owe the taxman and when, and will calculate your VAT for you. You can send your tax return to HMRC with ease.

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