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    TDC Systems design and manufacture traffic monitoring, traffic data collection and enforcement systems.

    TDC Systems can provide solutions for all requirements concerning traffic monitoring systems and traffic data collection. An international company that designs and manufactures weigh-in motions systems and bluetooth journey systems, and provides traffic data to help deliver cycle pedestrian monitoring and bridge load monitoring.

    TDC Systems have supplied traffic counters and weigh-in motion systems in over 50 countries worldwide during their 30 years of experience in this field, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, China, South East Asia and Australia.

    TDC Systems is a solutions provider for the Intelligent Transport Systems industry providing traffic data to help tackle congestion, promote better public transport and help deliver national and local transport objectives.

    Visit TDC System’s comprehensive website to view the extensive range of traffic data solutions in use or to access bespoke solutions to your traffic problems.


    Bluetooth Journey Time System

    The HI-TRAC BLUE is a low cost Traffic Impact Analysis System which uses Bluetooth signals to derive traffic journey time information as well as monitor traffic movement.
    The impact of traffic congestion on people’s quality of life imposes significant and increasing economic costs as identified in the Eddington Report and relates to other important priorities including air quality and climate change.

    Average Journey Time systems contribute to the evidence needed to show how well an authority is performing its network management duties.

    Cycle and Pedestrian Monitoring

    TDC offer a small, low powered, low cost electronic system capable of monitoring up to 2 cycle lanes and 2 pedestrian walkways. The CMU uses established piezo-electric sensor technology to detect bicycles in either dedicated cycle ways or mixed traffic lanes as well as pyroelectric infra red sensors to detect pedestrians.

    Weigh In Motion

    TDC Systems supply high speed, low speed and portable weigh in motion systems to over 50 countries throughout the world. Applications include Bridge Load Monitoring, Vehicle Weight Enforcement Systems and Virtual Weigh Stations with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.

    Automatic vehicle classification allows for immediate indication of vehicle overload dependent upon vehicle class and legal local weight limits.

    Bridge Load Monitoring

    The protection of bridges in an environment of increasing traffic volume and weight ensures road safety and bridge structure integrity. TDC Systems provide an all inclusive solution for effective bridge load monitoring protection systems. An array of inductive loops and/or piezo sensors can be installed into the road surface either prior to or on the bridge deck itself. These can then be linked directly to ANPR cameras which can also record the individual vehicles weight along with its license plate.

    Traffic Monitoring Systems

    Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC) support the development of an Integrated Transport System (ITS) by providing real-time traffic data to the government authorities and the public.

    TDC offers a complete range of Automatic Vehicle Counter Classifiers (AVC Systems) including Volumetric Counters, Loop Counter Classifiers, Loop Profiling Classifiers, Axle Classifiers, Hand Held Data Loggers and Non-Intrusive Counter Classifiers.

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