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    It was the first institute of higher education to admit women on an equal basis to men. It was specified at the time that it should provide for the local community, and even now, with approximately 19.000 full time students, it favours participation from applicants who are resident locally, and contributes economically, culturally and environmentally to Bristol and the Southwest.

    The University has an outstanding academic reputation across a wide range of disciplines and is at the forefront of many research projects. It has excellent facilities, but much emphasis is placed on individual development and giving support to its outstanding staff, thus inspiring great teaching, and its academically gifted students, leading to many well known alumni from the University in many diverse fields. It is spread over a large area of Bristol, but most activities are in the city centre area, which has been designated a Centre of Culture and Science City by the government, and is a friendly and lively place.

    Over 80% of undergraduate students achieve either a First or a 2:1 degree, and there is the opportunity for postgraduate degrees and work with both research and business projects. Teaching includes written examinations, continuous assessment, essays, dissertations and e-assessment, and tutorials and seminars are used to monitor progress. Solid business links are employed both nationally and internationally to maximise the chances of employment when a degree is achieved. The University of Bristol is placed within the top ten universities in the UK.


    Academic Reputation

    The University of Bristol consists of six faculties – Arts, Engineering, Medical and Veterinary Science, Medicine and Dentistry, Science, Social Sciences and Law. Teaching is creative, challenging and industry relevant, with state of the art facilities such as the Multimedia centre or medical laboratories. It is recognised as a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).


    Bristol aims to change the world with leading edge research, and is internationally renowned. Some of the most significant discoveries of the last century are associated with research carried out in Bristol. Research projects work across disciplines to answer important global questions, while at the same time enabling students to achieve their own goals and go on to make a valuable contribution to society.

    Careers and Development

    The University of Bristol attempts to give every student individual personal development planning to stand them in good stead after leaving, increasing their chances of a top class relevant career. The University Careers service will offer advice and information and there is in place relationships with key national and international companies, in industry and business, sponsors of research and in the public sector. There are opportunities to study or work abroad through the university.

    Postgraduates/ International Students

    The Graduate School is a dedicated centre for postgraduates, with exclusive access to research facilities, study resources and expertise across all faculties. The University of Bristol welcomes students from around the world as both undergraduates and postgraduates, and there is a large international community in the city.


    The University aims to develop the skills and resources of its students, including the education of tomorrow’s leaders in diverse fields. Alumni of the University include top journalists, writers, newsreaders and radio presenters, plus economists and IT specialists. Many well known names such as Lembit Opik, Sue Lawley, James Blunt and Derren Brown attended the University of Bristol, and it has produced many top comedians, such as Marcus Brigstocke, Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

    Student Life

    A vast list of cultural activities are available to students through Student’s Union Clubs and Societies, ranging from rowing to computer gaming to chocolate! Opportunities for sport, music, performing arts are varied, and you can broaden your horizons, make new friends and start lifelong interests.
    The City of Bristol will be home for at least three years, and it is a leading vibrant city, which includes theatres, museums, nightclubs, bars, an aquarium, street art and much more. Transport links are good, but most university activities are in the centre of the city, easy to reach by bicycle. Just outside the city you can find Weston-super-Mare on the coast, or the countryside is never far away. A great city for students.

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